Pacing the Starters



Seven down down, seventy-three more to go. The Pacers are still the lone undefeated team in the NBA with a quality win over the Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets last week. Although the season is still young, its clear that the Pacers have one of the most talented and balanced rosters in the league.


George Hill

Many accuse George Hill of not being a true NBA point guard. However, Hill’s ability to make three pointers give the Pacers a solid scoring option and spreads the court for the two big men inside. Hill is also a smart player who won’t commit many turnovers. Expect Hill to be an average point guard on an above average team.


Lance Stephenson

Lance Stephenson is a man on a mission. Once known as the bench warmer who taunted Lebron James, Stephenson has matured and become the X-factor on this Pacers squad. A great defender, Stephenson is also currently the second leading scorer on the team with 14.1 points per game.

110613-NBA-Pacers-Lance-Stephenson-Paul-George-DG-PI_20131106225735161_660_320If Stephenson continues to play this well, he will be starting even when Danny Granger comes back.


Paul George

Paul George is off to a fast start, averaging just over 25 points per game and emerging as a true NBA superstar and the unquestioned leader of the team. The Pacers should have no problem getting a top three seed in the east if George continues to play at this level. Expect George to make another all-star appearance as well as a spot on one of the All-NBA teams come season’s end.


David West

While the Pacers made a lot of NBA headlines with their offseason moves, the least coveted, yet most important was the re-signing of David West. West is the veteran on an otherwise young Pacers lineup. He’s a solid mid range scorer and an even better defender. Expect West to have another quiet, but productive season for the Pacers inside, grabbing rebounds and blocking shots.


Roy Hibbert

Hibbert had a rather disappointing season last year after signing a big contract and receiving an all-star appearance in 2011.  However, he became a dominant force in the playoffs. Hibbert dominated the paint, blocking lay-ups on defense and making easy inside shots on offense, often dominating opposing centers with his height and strength. If the Pacers want to win the NBA finals and knock of the Heat, Hibbert MUST replicate that performance and be more consistent on offense. Listed at 7 feet and 2 inches, Hibbert must be given the ball inside and he needs to convert every time.  Paul George might be the superstar but Hibbert is the difference maker. Few teams have a true center anymore, but the Pacers do. If Hibbert can return to that all-star scoring ability, the Pacers will be a definite title threat.  So far: he’s been a blocking monster