TechHOUNDS prepare for competition coming up on Thursday

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After a successful showing the last weekend of February, the TechHOUNDS team is gearing up for another competition next week, from Thursday to March 21 on their home turf at Purdue University.

Meera Chander, co-captain of the team and junior, said that the competition a few weekends ago in Cleveland turned out well, and they’re hoping for just as good of a competition next week.

“(The competition) went so well,” she said. “After working so hard for so long, it was so neat to have everyone in the audience being able to see our robot work.”

Now, the team is anticipating both the Purdue University regional competition and the international Atlanta, Georgia competition instead of working after school each day since the six-week build season is over.

George Giltner, TechHOUNDS sponsor, said that in the meantime, the TechHOUNDS will still meet semi-regularly, but the team is not allowed to work on the robot except right before and during competitions.

“After a lot of work, we’re finally able to take a break,” Giltner said. The final two competitions the TechHOUNDS will be enter for the season are the Purdue and Atlanta competitions, coming up on Thursday through March 21 and April 16 through 18 respectively.

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