Top Ten Commonly Used Brown Words


1. Desi – used to describe things that originate from or relate to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and that general area

Ex) This is a list of desi words. That girl is desi.

2. Mehndi – henna, applied on at holidays, weddings and other celebrations.

Ex) Put the mehndi on my hand.


3. Yaar – a bro, dude, friend

Ex) Wassup yaar!

4. Item – term to describe a girl you think is attractive

Ex) That girl is such an item. Deepika Padukone.


5. Beta – 1) what your parents call you, child 2) honey, condescending way to address people of your age

Ex 1) Beta, get better grades. Ex 2) You’re doing it wrong, beta.

6. Bollywood – Indian film industry, movies typically have a multitude of choreographed songs and dance numbers and a boy and a girl who fall in love

Ex) Let’s go see the new Bollywood movie.


7. Mumbai – City in India, previously referred to as Bombay. Where Bollywood happens

Ex) Mumbai has a beach.

8. Uncle/Aunty – any of your parents’ friends/any older desi person that could be a parent. You may have met them 5 minutes ago

Ex) Say hello to Aunty.

9. Chai – tea, aunties and uncles typically drink it 2 times a day

Ex) Beta, go make me chai.


10. Curry – what non-desi people call Indian food, but there actually is no such thing as “curry.” It is a general term for a type of Indian dish.

Ex) Non-desi: Pass the curry. Desi: You mean the nihari.