Senate prepares for fall blood drive, homecoming activities



Senate sponsor Michelle Foutz reviews dates the first events of the school year. Senior senator Matt Keene said, “I’m very excited for this year. There’s a lot of good people on Senate and we’re going to do a lot of good things.”

According to Senate sponsor Michelle Foutz, the Senate-sponsored annual fall blood drive will take place in the field house from 8 a.m. to 12:50 p.m. on Sept. 5. Donors who have signed up will be assigned a time to donate on the day of the blood.

The requirements to participate in the event must be that the prospective donor is at least 16 years old and over 110 lbs. A signed parental consent form must be submitted to the activities office in order to donate.

In addition to making preparations for the blood drive, Senate members are also involved with organizing activities for homecoming week. Senior senator Matt Keene said students can vote online for homecoming court until Sept. 12.

Club members will be happy to know that homecoming booths are allowed to sell food items, which had been banned earlier this year. Foutz said this is one of the few opportunities to get around this new rule so students should be sure to pick up a homecoming booth application from the activities office.

Kathy Huang, sophomore senator and spirit team member said, “I expect this year to be better than the last. The spirit days are going to be super fun and I expect to see everyone dressed up and in their blue and gold.” By Aster Samuel

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