Our Greyhound Story to create scrapbook for Principal John Williams with memories of school year

Our Greyhound Story to create scrapbook for Principal John Williams with memories of school year


Throughout the rest of the school year during its meetings, the Our Greyhound Story Club will make a physical scrapbook commemorating the school year to give to Principal John Williams. The club meets every other Tuesday after school in the library until 4 p.m.

SCIOLY 2Ananya Tadikonda, club president and junior, said, “The purpose (of the club) is to create and give Mr. Williams an insight on student life, so we’re making a memory book of all the club members’ experience. (We’re) kind of like thanking him for all the memories and experiences he’s given us.”

Jennifer O’Connor, club adviser and media assistant, said it is important the book is a physical copy rather than another type of media.

She said, “I do think it is important that (the club members) are making an actual book because so many people have their pictures and whatnot on their phone or computers, but to put it in an actual book that you can hand to someone that they will have forever is priceless.”

According to Tadikonda, the book will be separated by month, with each section filled with school accomplishments, progressions and club events. At the end of the year, once the book is completed, it will be gifted to Williams.

Tadikonda said the idea came from her passion for scrapbooking.SCIOLY 3

“Well, I have a journal of my own I’m keeping for high school as a separate thing, and to me it just hit me that most people, especially juniors, went and joined clubs that are more academic and ones that will help them for college purposes,” she said. “But I feel like ten years later what will really get to you is probably not the tests, but more like the experiences, you know, that have taught you different things that you will take on through the rest of your life.”

O’Connor said she also enjoys scrapbooking, which led her to become the adviser for the club.

She said, “When my son was born, I got invited to a creative memories party, and I didn’t know what it was. So I went. I was hooked, and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Tadikonda said the Our Greyhound Story club will not be a one-and-done job.

She said, “I want to have it every year and be a thing every year; when I’m a senior and I graduate, I’m hoping that there are freshmen willing to take up the club. I definitely don’t want it to stop after I leave, because I want this to be a yearly thing for Mr. Williams.”