GKOM to meet with freshmen on Oct. 28


Erica Helding leads her GKOM group to the art hallway. The next GKOM connection is on Oct. 28.

Manahil Nadeem, Perspectives Editor

 Greyhound kick-off mentors (GKOM) to meet with their freshman in their designated rooms on Oct. 28. The GKOMs will talk to their freshmen in their designated SRTs, according to council sponsor Mike Meyer.

“Well on Wednesday we just finished the last of our freshmen tours, so Friday the GKOMs will mostly be talking about scheduling to the freshmen,” Meyer said. “In my opinion this is very helpful to freshmen because they get upperclassmen’s opinion on these classes.”

           According to GKOM council member and senior Frances Rafferty, the GKOM’s will talk about events, like Ghosts and Goblins “I really like how I get to share some of my knowledge that I gained during my time at high school to freshmen,” Rafferty said.