CHS did not host mock election this year


Will Ellery, former mock election sponsor and social studies teacher, reviews past mock election binders. Ellery said that these binders were student creations about the political issues.

James Yin, Sports Copy Editor

CHS did not have its quadrennial mock election for the 2016 election cycle. According to Will Ellery, previous mock election sponsor and social studies teacher, the major reason for the lack of an election was because of the characteristics of the election and of the candidates.

“(The mock election) was always issues driven to me. For me, it was a chance for my students to promote candidates based on specific issues,” Ellery said. “This campaign from the start was not issues driven. It didn’t serve an academic purpose to do it a larger scale. It’s a personality and behavior driven election.”

Ellery said that students would write papers and research regarding the issues of the election and that the time commitment would not be worth the effort.

Senior Venkata “DK” Kolli said that the personality basis helps define certain, less understood parts of the election.

“Well, actually, I think that the candidates attacking each other, when it comes to campaign ads, that’s one of the topics we covered,” DK said. “Like, super PACs and how campaign ads get their funding.When you research candidates attacks on each other, you might get a better understanding on how campaign funding works.”