An Educated Investment. Students should consider the merits of attending more expensive undergraduate colleges.


Angela Sun, Social Media Editor

For most seniors across the nation, the financial aspect of a college is the number one determining factor in choosing a college to attend. That is why, especially for Indiana residents, in-state institutions are extremely attractive options, and I completely understand the appeal. For me, as a future computer science and entrepreneurship and management major, I understand that the IU Kelley School of Business and the College of Engineering at Purdue can provide me with very high-level education experiences at great prices. I have applied to both with pride, but my aspirations are elsewhere. Because of my familial environment and my own circumstances, I think that picking the right college is all about increasing your chances of accomplishing your career goals. For me, that goal is to succeed in the technology industry.

I hope to become an executive of a large technology company or startup in Silicon Valley, and I think going to a prestigious school will provide me with the connections and opportunities I need to succeed in the future. For me, I found those opportunities at the University of Pennsylvania, and I was lucky enough to have been accepted in December. Yes, I am going to a school that costs around the annual salary of an entry-level full-time job, and no, my parents are not swimming in cash. I am a middle-class citizen who falls into the economic category that puts me right out of financial aid, but I couldn’t be more excited for my future. Penn is my first-choice college because it is the top-ranked school in the country to study both computer science and business, and I fell in love with the school and its proximity to major startup headquarters in New York and Philadelphia and alumni connections to Silicon Valley. I grew up believing that if I went to a school like Penn my dreams and aspirations could come true, which will allow me to pay back my parents many times over. Going to Penn means that I can repay my parents for all of the sacrifices that they have made for me.

My parents and I have extensively discussed and prepared for the extreme financial burden of my college education, and I am extremely grateful that they are allowing me to live my dreams out. I understand that most people do not have the opportunity to set the financial aspect aside when it comes to making a college decision. When I leave Carmel this May and go to Philadelphia, I will work as hard as I can to succeed. I think it is my duty to succeed as much as possible for my parents who left behind everything in China to bring my brother and me to the country of unlimited opportunity.

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