Model U.N. to attend conference at Zionsville High School


Model U.N. co-president Danial Tajwer to help freshman members prepare for upcoming conferences. He was also one of the only members that attended a conference as a freshman.

Richa Louis, Reporter

Model U.N. prepares for an upcoming conference at Zionsville High School. Model U.N. is a student run organization whose purpose is to prepare members in an interactive environment for addressing global concerns in a real world context. The date for the conference has not been determined yet.

According to sponsor Sandy Gardner, “We are pairing with Zionsville. Zionsville is going to do their own conference in September, so we are waiting to attend that. Then the plan is for us to do another Carmel Model U.N. (conference), but have it be in November.”

Leaders of the club are currently preparing members by splitting into groups based on the experience of the kids to do simulations. Co-president and junior Danial Tajwer said, “We (Model U.N.) are trying to get them (Model U.N. members) to get the fundamentals and really understand what the club is. We have the conference coming up soon so we have to get them ready for that.”