CHS Women’s Golf Preview: Sectional

Caleb Shaffer, Staff Member

The CHS women’s golf team has had a solid run of success in their past few matches winning four of their five last matches. The Hounds will look to take their strong quality of play into the tournament season when they travel to South Grove golf club for their first sectional match on Friday. Nina Hecht, CHS golfer and junior said, “It feels really good that we’re peaking at the right time and we’re still improving as the season goes on”.

The Hounds struggled in the first half of the season, failing to place first in most of their invitationals near the beginning of the season, but began to find their way near the end of the regular season. John Faas, Hounds golf coach said “[The Hounds golf team] have consistently and constantly gotten better as the season has gone on.”

The Hounds will rely on players such as Nina Hecht, Katie Kuc and Erin Evans to lead the team heading into Friday’s sectional. Faas said, “You have five players that go out [to play each varsity match] and all five are very capable of shooting a low score. That’s the big thing when it comes to tournaments, you [have] to have four good scores to keep advancing in the state tournaments, sectionals and regionals. I feel like these girls know that they can rely on one another.”

For most of the season, the coaches have been emphasizing that the team needs to focus on course management in order to be successful this season. Faas said “When you’re playing a particular golf hole that’s very difficult, there are certain golf holes that you’ve got to be smart on. Always understand what holes you need to manage a little bit better than others and if you can do that, you’re gonna be successful and we’re going to be fine as a team.”

The Hounds will look to begin their road to the state championship on Friday as they kick off their tournament season, the sectional match begins at 11:24 am. Hecht said,“We’re going to have to stay positive because every stroke is going to have an impact.”