Share the Music to meet Oct. 11, venues Sept. 26 and Oct. 3


Share the Music members team up to play jazz music at the Share the Music meeting.

James Yin

Share the Music will conduct its next meeting Oct. 11 and its next venues on Sept. 26 and Oct. 3. Anna Li-Harezlak, president of Share the Music and senior, said she hopes club meetings remain social throughout the year.

“We know as time goes on things tend to wiggle down a little bit,” Li-Harezlak said. “In previous years, we really didn’t do much in them but this year we are trying to make them more of a social aspect.”

Maggie Hite, Share the Music sponsor and performing arts teacher, said the meetings are a great place for students to share music they have been working on.

Hite said, “Our meetings aren’t very frequent. You know, it’s just once a month. We probably won’t have a performance from everyone but it might be nice for those who are interested to have something to share at the meetings.”