Fall dance season winds down


The Charisma dance team performed recently at the homecoming pep rally. They used different songs in their performance to demonstrate new choreography. “Pep session is one of our bigger performances since it is in front of the entire school,” sophomore Kendall Greene said.

Hannah Gretz

As the men’s and women’s varsity soccer seasons comes to a close, the fall dance team, Charisma, does the same with their final performance which took place on Sept. 29.

Charisma concluded their season with a final dance during halftime of the game.

“I had leadership opportunities throughout the whole season because I am no longer a new dancer,” dancer and sophomore Kendall Greene said.

Throughout the season, the 23 girls on the team worked together with head coach Sarah Wolff to learn new skills, tricks and moves for the new style of choreography.

“The choreography and movements are strong and each dance has a new spin to it, unlike last year,” dancer and sophomore Maddy Massa said. Massa said she plans to dance as an upperclassman at this school.

Wolff has been a dance coach at this school for 18 years. “I love it because I develop a personal relationship with every dancer,” Wolff said. She is a deciding factor in the tryout process and contributes to choreography.

According to Greene and Massa, the season was very exciting and a great experience. They performed at the school-wide pep rally, and at many home soccer games. As the 2017 season is officially over, they look forward to the Winter dance season, Coquettes.