Wicked fun for Ghosts and Goblins: The ninth annual Ghosts and Goblins run will take place this Saturday to raise money for the Carmel Education Foundation.


Anushka Dasgupta, Reporter

This Saturday, hundreds of students, teachers and parents will line up at the CHS Main Cafeteria dressed in their finest Halloween gear for the ninth annual Ghosts and Goblins 5K/2K run benefiting the Carmel Education Foundation (CEF). According to CEF co-executive coordinators Stephanie McDonald and Barbara Danquist students are encouraged to sign up and can do so at registration night in the main cafeteria tomorrow or Saturday morning for $15.

Dalton Thompson, National Honor Society (NHS) president and senior, said NHS provides much of the promotion and advertisement for Ghosts and Goblins, and members volunteer to help facilitate the event the day of the race.

He said, “The CEF does a lot for CHS and the district in general. We’re (NHS) one of the best outlets the CEF has to the community.”

This year, both NHS and CEF want to further promote and advertise the race in order to create a bigger turnout and get more of the community involved.

Thompson said, “It’s across the whole district and it’s something that’ll come back and benefit students here. It’s a fun family event that can unite the city.”

Danquist and McDonald said the race is crucial to raise money for CEF and its mission to award teacher grants and student scholarships. “The money (from Ghosts and Goblins) goes right back into the schools. You’ve probably all benefited from a grant, even though you might not have known,” McDonald said.

The CEF will also offer a variety of Halloween spirit-competitions for the race. Groups of friends, whether students or teachers, clubs or teams, can all sign up and enter to win a cash prize. There are also competitions for clubs, teams and schools with the highest percentage of participants.

Danquist said, “Anything you can creatively come up with, do it. We love that kind of stuff.”

McDonald said, “It’s just a lot of fun to come out with your friends and do this, and to help the CEF, which does a lot for the community and needs the community’s support.”