Environmental Action Club plans for Nov. 16 meeting on factory farming


Club member Kian Robinson and Ben Ring discuss upcoming plans. The club plans to have a guest speaker on Nov. 16.

Laasya Mamidipalli

According to Kian Robinson, Environmental Action Club member and sophomore, said Environmental Action Club plants to meet Nov 16 and discuss factory farming. “Our next meeting is Nov. 16, we have a guest speaker for that. She will be talking about factory farming,” said Robinson.

As the club’s goal this year is to focus on food production and waste, the members are continually looking for new ways to further enrich their knowledge on the topic. “Along with the speaker about factory farming we are planning on essentially going more in depth about what we want to do for the remainder of the semester regarding like food waste and factory farming and stuff like that because that is what our focus is. “

Club sponsor Kara House said the members have really been focusing their efforts on upcoming plans, and working to reduce the impacts of factory farming. She said, “I’m really happy with what they’re doing, because they’re focusing their efforts, and I know they’ll make a change.”

Ben Ring, Environmental Club officer and sophomore, said “It is our focus this semester because it’s a big issue we are facing in America and it’s one of the overlooked issues that affects people in America. It’s something you can easily change on an individual and community level in terms of food usage and waste and making sure you get your food from the right places.”