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Players, club sponsor discuss new 3v3 intramural basketball

Agrayan Gupta

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For the first time, the Intramural club implemented a 3v3 basketball season. The season consisted of six games, with ten teams playing.

According to Intramurals sponsor Mike Meyer, the 3v3 format was much more popular than previous fall sports.

Meyer said, “In the past, we’ve tried a lot different sports for the Intramural fall sports package. We barely had four teams for football five years ago, two teams for soccer, two teams for Tin-Tin, which is basically a form of knockout.”

Meyer said that the idea came from the BIG3, a basketball league formed by former NBA players who wanted to play in a more controlled and enjoyable environment.

With two teams on the waitlist, Meyer said it was clear that the 3v3 format will remain for most likely the next few years.

Abraham Fiore, Intramural player and junior, said that Intramural basketball allows him to play with friends and connect with other people around the school. With 3v3, Fiore said he was able to improve more as a player.

Fiore said, “With smaller teams, you get the ball a lot more often and you also play half-court, which is less running and more based on plays and shot abilities.”

Fiore said he would participate next year if possible.


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