Share the Music meeting on Nov. 28, venues on Nov. 18


Share the Music members warm up with a piano piece.

James Yin

Share the Music (STM) will have its next meeting on Nov. 28 and its next venue on Nov. 18. Anna Li-Harezlak, president of STM and senior, said that planning for the winter benefits concert has already begun.

“We’ve got confirmation from Smile Train that we’re going to collaborate for that, so that all the proceeds go to them.” Li-Harezlak said. “In addition, [Aimee Lee, STM officer and senior] made several origami sculptures, and she’s going to sell them”

Maggie Hite, Share the Music sponsor and performing arts teacher, said determining the exact date took some time.

Hite said, “We talked about the benefit concert and a couple potential dates for that.”