TechHOUNDS concludes preseason

Emily Worrell, Reporter

After receiving an award for Best-Controlled Bot at the Purdue Boiler Bot Battle, TechHOUNDS has completed its last preseason competition and will conclude its preseason activities before finals week, according to Laura Dobie, student lead and senior.

Teacher mentor Zachary Bonewit said the team is currently in small groups working on a robotics challenge.

“Our students designed a miniature robotic game,” Bonewit said. “They came up with it on their own and it’s kind of like a half-scale version of what we would typically do during our regular season and we broke our team up into individual smaller teams and now they’re designing and building small-scale robots using VEX Robotics components to play this game.”

Bonewit said that the team is also currently expanding its presence in the community.

“We’re doing a lot of outreach right now; we’re going into a lot of the elementary schools and we’re helping out with (their) VEX Robotics teams; we are helping start a first robotics team in Westfield,” Bonewit said. “Look for us in the community.”