CHS boys’ basketball team scheduled to face off against Zionsville for season opener

Jess Canaley

The 2017-2018 JV boys’ basketball team gears up for their first game of the season versus Zionsville. According to Nate Webb, junior varsity player and sophomore, the team is doing well but still expects a challenge.

“I think the team is looking really good because all of us have a good relationship with each other,” said Webb. “There’s still a challenge every game because you don’t know how you’re going to play that night but we have been preparing for it for about a week now and I’m feeling good about it.”

Coach Mickey O’Toole said the team has been scouting and they know what to expect from Zionsville.

“We do scouting, and we’ve been playing the program in  Zionsville for a while so we kind of know what they’re going to do, and they kind of know what we’re looking to do. We just hope we can execute a little better… We try to over prepare in a sense.” said O’Toole.

Both Webb and O’Toole agree that Zionsville will be stiff competition but are looking forward to the game.

“I would consider North Central, Westfield, Ben Davis, and Zionsville as possible rivals… Our team is really strong this year with good intentions,” said Webb.

O’Toole said, “Zionsville has the right combination. They’ve got talent, a good coach, (and) good players… Every night we have to bring it. We have to assume that everyone is our rival, that everyone is gunning for us.”