Women’s basketball preparing for the Chicagoland Classic


Women’s Basketball team warms up before their game against Hamilton Southeastern. Amy Dilk, varsity player and senior, said that she has high hopes at a deep playoff run from the team.

Satvik Kandru

The CHS women’s basketball team is getting ready for the Chicagoland Classic. This is the first and last time they will travel out of state for the 2017-2018 season.

The team has remained undefeated so far. Amy Dilk, varsity player and senior, said that her confidence in the team has grown as the season transpired.

“Most of us have played together for several years. The chemistry has gotten stronger just from spending countless hours together. We look really good right now,” Dilk said.

Dilk said that she has been progressing a lot throughout the season.

“I am really happy at what we have accomplished so far, but also I feel like I have gotten better and progressed from my surgery over summer, the pieces are coming together nicely,” Dilk said.

Assistant Coach Erin Trimpe said the team is looking good prior to the tournament.

“The girls have been practicing a lot and looking good so far,” Trimpe said.

Dilk said she is confident in the team and the rest of its season.

“We have a couple tough opponents coming up, but I think we have looked really good so far. I am looking forward to not only the Chicagoland Classic but also the Hall of Fame tournament that we have later in December,” Dilk said.

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