Model U.N. to attend conference at Earlham


Model U.N. member and sophomore Ava Hutchinson attends meeting for Earlham conference. On that day, they practiced for the conference with practice simulations.

Richa Louis

Model U.N. members prepare to attend a conference at Earlham College. Last Thursday, Model U.N. members met in Room E208 for an upcoming conference in Richmond. The conference will take place on Jan. 26 to 27.

Co-president and junior Danial Tajwer said, “It’s more of a calm period at the moment. We don’t have any big conference this semester, obviously as finals come up and we are heading closer to the end of the year.”        

Although Model U.N. members are working on position papers specifically for a conference, they are still using simulations to continue to prepare students for the conferences in second semester. Sponsor Sandy Gardner said, “We just ended a simulation for the beginner group. We are going to start new simulations this week and that is going to help us prepare the new students, who are even joining now, for the next couple of conferences.”