Branching Out: CHS to offer new Ivy Tech dual credit courses for students

Anushka Dasgupta

Next school year, CHS will offer more academic opportunities for students through an addition to the Ivy Tech dual credit program. According to Amy Dudley, Assistant Superintendent for curriculum instruction and assistance, these courses will be offered to rising seniors. Dudley added students should speak to their guidance counselors if they are interested in enrolling.

There are two different pathways under which students can take courses: Building Construction and Automotive Service Technology. Under Building Construction, students may take Introduction to Construction Technology, Introduction to Carpentry Part 1, Introduction to Carpentry Part 2 and Carpentry Framing and Finishing Part 1. Under Automotive Service Technology, students may take Basic Automotive, Electrical I, Electrical II and Engine Repair.

“These courses are different than the ones we already offer at Carmel High School because some of them need specific equipment and room,” Dudley said. “It would be similar to (the J. Everett Light program), where students would attend CHS for half a day and take core classes, and would then attend Ivy Tech for half a day to take these classes.”

Junior Margaret O’Connor currently takes advanced child development, a dual-credit course offered at this school. She said she decided to take a dual-credit course because the course was able to match her interests, where other courses did not. 

O’Connor said, “(The dual-credit courses) offer, obviously, the college credit, which is really helpful, and also the insight on what the rigor of a college class could be, which is always good exposure for a high school student. Expanding the program is a good idea because dual credit allows high school students to get college credit at a less expensive rate. I think it’s really exciting and a really great opportunity for our school to be offering.”