NEWSFLASH: Movie “The Post” brings greater awareness to real journalism, shows importance of news media

Amy Zhou

The post had a great soundtrack, casting and managed to create an intense and dramatic movie. However, most importantly, for me, “The Post” serves as a good reminder that the free press we enjoy now should not be taken for granted, and that telling the truth may not always be the easiest thing to do, but it’s definitely crucial. Truth should not be taken for granted. Although the movie was set in the past, I felt it was just as much a commentary on today’s political events as for the past. “The Post” focused on two main characters and the entire struggle of how the government dealt with the secret happenings of the Vietnam War.  Not only was the movie technically well-executed, but it emphasized the importance of the function of free press.

One of the main struggles in the movie was the dilemma the Washington Post faced when the courts ruled against the media publishing any of the government’s wrongdoings. However, is reporting the truth not the entire foundation of what journalism is? This is where Spielberg’s success in expressing the importance of media in an entertaining fashion is so important in today’s political climate, where the truth matters more to people than do a politician’s actions or personality.

As I mentioned before, I felt “The Post” was especially critical of the political situation today. News outlets serve to deliver the truth—it’s what the people are entitled to. However, I can’t help but feel free press is little more than a nuisance in the eyes of some. In a time where our president refers to the information our news outlets report as “fake news,” it is hard not to be discouraged. We cannot take the truth for granted.

Being part of a newspaper publication myself has taught me so much about authenticity and truthfulness. This type of movie that portrays reporters in news media in a positive outlook can help in rebuilding Americans’ trust in the news.

I hope we have more Kay Grahams and Ben Bradlees step up in this world where the truth deserves to be known. I hope people realize the significance of “The Post” and understand how valuable our news outlets are. Government should not operate in secret and presidents should not threaten to shut down the basic function of free press and speech that our country was founded upon. “The Post” flawlessly executes how, in today’s age, few things are as important as the truth.