Intramural to host basketball season


Senior Ian Samir eats lunch with his friends. Samir said, “I'm really happy about intramurals. It lets me play basketball with my friends."

Raphael Li

Intramural club leaders will start hosting pick-up games this season.

According to Mike Meyer, intramural director and teacher, they will start to form basketball teams of around five people each.

“The intramural basketball games will take place after school and ultimately lead up to a tournament.” Meyer said.

According to Meyer, the format for this season is that they will have a regular season where teams will attempt to play every other team. It will end with single elimination play-off rounds. The rest of the details are still to be decided based on the number of the teams that are present.

“(Intramural) is always received well by the school, and since I became director, it has grown. All the details will still be decided based on the number of teams that register.” Meyer said.

Ian Samir, intramural basketball player and senior, said he is becoming very excited for this year’s intramural.

“My team and I are excited for this season. We feel good.” Samir said. “I feel it’s going to be an fun season.”