Model U.N. to attend conference at IU

Richa Louis

Model U.N. members to attend a conference at IU. On Feb. 8, Model U.N. members met in Room E208 for an upcoming conference in Bloomington. The conference will take place on Feb. 23 to 25.
Model U.N. members continue to use simulations to prepare students for the conference at their weekly meetings. But for this conference, members are also training and getting support for how IU wants them to write position papers. Sponsor Sandy Gardner said, “IU does a great job of providing what they specifically would like to see in a position paper. They’ve also sent along some simulation ideas which we use, and we have our own as well. But for the position papers, it gives the students, if they are in a general assembly, how those should be structured and then if there are any kinds of crisis or historical committee, how those differ.”
Co-president and junior Danial Tajwer said, “There are more people going to IU in general, around 30 people, which is slightly more than Earlham. IU is a good time for a lot of people because freshman have this time to gain a lot of experience.”