Greyhound Nation Executive Board works to figure out leadership for next year


Math teacher Wendy Bass typing out some notes for Greyhound Nation Executive Board. While Bass isn’t an integral part of the Board, she helps out with administration related issues.

Uday Lomada

As many of the winter sports come to an end and spring sports start next week, the Greyhound Nation Executive Board uses this lull to figure out leadership positions on the Board.

“Since there isn’t as much going on right now and we have already planned out as far as we are willing to go, we are using this time to determine the best candidates for the Board,” Meredith Lipps, board member and junior, said. “We look for students who have a passion to make sure that the Board continues to have the same strength that we have had this year.”

Choosing people isn’t as easy as some think however, Lipps said.

“During the year, some kids may be really committed to the Board and help us a lot, and we think that they are perfect candidates,” Lipps said, “but they may have other commitments next year. We want to make sure that the people we choose are completely committed to the cause and have experience, a hard combination to come by in any club.”

“We aren’t going to release a list of candidates simply so that people don’t try to win us over. We want to be as unbiased as possible when choosing them,” Lipps said.

Wendy Bass, sponsor and math teacher, said she would rather defer to the board members, saying that the club is student run.