TechHOUNDS improves robot for future competitions


Laura Dobie, student lead and senior, researches ways to improve the TechHOUNDS strategy for future competitions. According to Dobie, the team placed 26th in its first competition.

Emily Worrell

After placing 26th at their first competition, TechHOUNDS members will focus on making improvements to their robot before competing again. According to Laura Dobie, student lead and senior, the next TechHOUNDS competition is in late March, giving members plenty of time to work beforehand.

“I think that if we use our time wisely, we can get a lot done before the rest of the competitions,” Dobie said. “Since our last competition was out of state, we were one of three Indiana teams that got more experience before our Indiana competitions.”

According to teacher mentor Zachary Bonewit, the TechHOUNDS competition season is far from over.

“We’ll compete locally; we’ll compete up in Lafayette and in Plainfield, then we’ll go to State which is held in Kokomo,” Bonewit said, “and then hopefully we can qualify to go to Detroit for World Finals, where there will be teams from around the world.”