FCA Has Next Fellowship Meeting on April 13


Marie Kress, FCA leader and senior, speaks to FCA about her own experiences at CHS. She talked about the role God played in her high school sports career.

Grace Xu

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) will have their next fellowship meeting on April 13, as there will be spring break from March 31 to April 6.

Last meeting on March 23, Marie Kress, an FCA leader and senior, was one of the speakers for the FCA fellowship meeting.

“I talked about my experience with different sports here at the high school and how God doesn’t always answer our prayers in the way that we’re looking for. He has a specific plan for every purpose in our life and I truly believe that,” Kress said.

Club sponsor Connor Bradley said that Kress was part of FCA’s annual “senior share” program.
“We’ll have seniors who have been involved in the program share a little bit about their experience in their four years in FCA with the underclassmen,” Bradley explained.

Additionally, FCA’s annual Midnight March Madness event was on March 17, and was a success according to Kress.

“It was awesome, so many people showed up and it was awesome to see–not just people from FCA, people from everywhere–just coming together and having fun,” Kress said.