Marie Kress, FCA leader and senior, speaks to FCA about her own experiences at CHS. She talked about the role God played in her high school sports career.

FCA Has Next Fellowship Meeting on April 13

Grace Xu April 11, 2018

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) will have their next fellowship meeting on April 13, as there will be spring break from March 31 to April 6. Last meeting on March 23, Marie Kress, an FCA leader...

FCA to Have Midnight March Madness on March 17

March 8, 2018

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) will hold its annual Midnight March Madness event on March 17 from 7 to 11 p.m. According to club sponsor Connor Bradley, Midnight March Madness will be “a night...

FCA Has Feb. 16 Meeting in Main Cafeteria

Grace Xu February 17, 2018

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) will continue their Friday meetings on Feb. 16 but in the Main Cafeteria for this one week, due to a staff meeting in the Freshman Cafeteria. Last meeting on Feb....

FCA Has Next Fellowship Meeting on Jan. 26, Core Meeting on Jan. 30

Grace Xu January 26, 2018

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) will continue to have their regular Friday meetings on Jan. 26, as well as their Tuesday Core meeting on Jan. 30. Last year in December, FCA threw their first annual...

FCA To Have Christmas Party on Dec. 15

Grace Xu December 7, 2017

On Dec. 15 the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) will be holding their Christmas party at leader and senior Maddie Dalton’s house. “We are having a pitch-in where each grade will bring a different...

FCA Has Friendsgiving Event on Nov. 21

Grace Xu November 20, 2017

On Nov. 21, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) will have a ‘Friendsgiving’ event. That morning before school starts, the FCA will gather together in E220 (sponsor...

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Has No Meeting On Oct. 13

Grace Xu, Reporter October 2, 2017

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) has no meeting on Oct. 13, the week of fall break, but they do have their next meeting on Oct. 6. The FCA meets every Friday morning in the Freshman Center to hear...

Paige Casper, FCA member and sophomore, sits a group to participate in a Core activity. “We were discussing the questions about the Bible verse we had today,” Casper said.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes to have meeting on Nov. 11

Lin-Lin Mo, Reporter November 10, 2016

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) met on Nov. 8 at the “Core” meeting in club sponsor Connor Bradley’s Room E220, and it will also meet at 7 a.m. on Nov. 11 in the Freshman Cafeteria. “Over...

Students listen at morning FCA meeting. Plans for March Madness events are being made. PHOTO// KELLEY- PARMLEY

FCA Hosts March Madness Event

Beats March 17, 2016

FCA has plans to host a March Madness event on Saturday, March 19th from 8-12 p.m. in the Fieldhouse. “Obviously with being an athlete-focused group and having an event right around the NCAA tournament,...

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