Math Club members talk about changes in the club


Co-president and senior Kevin Liu finds different approaches to solve a difficult math problem. The members talked about this problem throughout the club meeting.

Leslie Huang

The Math Club members discuss goals for this school year and changes that the club will undergo as well as different ways to attract more students to the club.

Co-president and senior Joey Heerens said, “We have several ideas one of which is a small competition, ‘Who Wants to be a Mathematician?’ and it’s just this competition where you take a lot of math questions over two hours.”

‘Who Wants to be a Mathematician?’ is a national competition that is sponsored by the American Mathematical Society, an association dedicated to math research.

“So our goals this year is to show the same success in competitions. We hope to expand the number of competitions we compete in and do as well as we can. We hope for individuals to do better in competitions by practicing and studying.” Heerens said

Joseph Broman, sponsor and math teacher, said, “We want to encourage more people to join the club and have a greater interest working on more math problems for competitions and get more active and involved. I hope we do things in advanced and stay more organized.”

The club plans to stay organized by creating a webpage so current and new members can stay up to date on upcoming math events. By Leslie Huang