CHS women’s golf team preparing for the Miller Invitational


Nina Hecht tees off on the seventh hole at Plum Creek golf course. Hecht said she hopes the team can win a state championship this year

Satvik Kandru

The women’s golf team is getting ready for their match on Sept. 8 at Harbour Trees golf course.

The team is confident after a good stretch of golf. “We have been playing good golf lately and are continuing to practice hard and working to improve. It showed at our match at Harbour Trees and now we hope to carry it into the invitational,” Nina Hecht, varsity player and senior, said.

Elizabeth Hedrick, varsity player and junior, says that she believes the team is doing a lot in preparation for the invitational.

“During practice, we spend the most time on the things that we are struggling with while we are on the course and I think that will really help in the long run,” Hedrick said.

Coach Kelly Kluesner said that the girls have been putting a lot of work in practice and extracurricularly as well.

“The girls work really hard in practice and devote a lot of time to get better each day,” Kluesner said.

Hecht said that she believes these next few weeks are important for the team to gain momentum and do well in the postseason.