Men’s tennis prepares for MIC Championship


Will Brune, varsity tennis player and senior, hits the tennis ball during practice. The men’s tennis team plays at the MIC Championship on Sept. 13 at Ben Davis High School.

Agrayan Gupta

The men’s tennis is preparing for the upcoming MIC Championship on Sept. 13. The MIC Championship will take place at Ben Davis High School at 5:45 p.m.

According to Head Coach Bryan Hanan, the team looks to build on the success of the previous years. Hanan said, “We have quite a few returning students this year, which allows us to build on our success and keep on playing at an extremely high level.

Srineeth Challa, varsity tennis player and senior, believes the team has the capabilities to win the State Championship again and is excited for the upcoming season. “Even though this is Coach Hanan’s first year as Head Coach, he has already set a commanding tone in the locker room and has told us what our goals are,” Challa said.

Despite the success in the past, Hanan said he needs his players to remain focused. Hanan said, “We need to stay hungry in order to compete at the very top. Staying motivated and confident is how we will succeed.”