Champions Together to conduct soccer clinic Oct. 5


Co-sponsor Bruce Wolf waves papers at Champions Together members during a meeting. He said, "I encourage you to get involved even when it's difficult to get involved."

Angela Qian

On Oct. 5, Champions Together will conduct a unified soccer clinic at the Murray Stadium from 4 to 5:15 p.m. The club will invite players from the men and women’s soccer teams and have them train with the unified athletes.

According to co-club sponsor Bruce Wolf, “An individual with a disability is referred to as a unified athlete. An individual without a disability is referred to as a unified partner.”

The soccer players will do stations such as dribbling and shooting along with unified athletes, according to Emily Elzinga, co-president of Champions Together.

Elzinga said, “(They train together) to introduce the kids with intellectual disabilities to new sports and get the involved into activities.”

Getting involved is important. During a club meeting, Wolf said, “Please get involved. Things are happening really fast. We’ve filled our plates.”