CHS women’s golf team advancing to State Finals


Nina Hecht hits a chip shot at Smock golf course. Hecht said she hopes the team can win a state championship this year.

Satvik Kandru

The women’s golf team is getting ready for the State Finals on Sept. 28 and 29 at Prairie View golf club. The team is confident after a good stretch of golf.

“We played well until this point to make it to state and we just need to stay consistent and make sure to be mentally prepared for the tournament,” Nina Hecht, varsity player and senior, said.

Elizabeth Hedrick, varsity player and junior, says that she believes the team is doing a lot in preparation for the tournament.

“We all play at Prairie View a lot and are really familiar with the course so that gives us all an advantage because we know the greens a little bit better and the course layout,” Hedrick said.

Head Coach Kelly Kluesner said that the girls have been preparing and putting in a great amount of work.

“It took a lot of good golf to get here and I know the girls’ are putting in a lot of time and effort outside of practice, so it should be a fun and competitive state championship,” Kluesner said.

Hecht said that she believes these next few days and practice rounds will be very important when it comes to playing well during the championship.