PTO arranges preparations for Homecoming

Sarah Zheng

The PTO meets the first Tuesday of every month at 9 a.m., and discusses upcoming events that are supposed to occur. The PTO are in charge of Homecoming, which is on Sept. 29th. The meeting on Sept. 4 was planned to discuss preparation for Homecoming. According to PTO President Christine Ramsey, Homecoming can be enjoyed by all grades and is a school-wide function that all grades participate in.

“We sponsor the Homecoming Dance, specifically geared toward the freshman to help welcome them,” she said. “We are thinking of changing the name to a party, because they play basketball and ping pong, and also a big dance that goes along with it. There is always a high percentage of kids that attend.

Tyler Dierkman, sophomore, explained, “I’m really looking forward to Homecoming, because it’s a great way to hang with my friends and socialize. I went to Homecoming last year and it was really fun, so I’m excited for the creative theme this year.”

“PTO’s purpose is to connect and engage parents with teachers and administrations, as well as to help support the teachers. This plays alongside student interaction projects, such as Homecoming.”  By Sarah Zheng