School Resource Officers (SROs) to change set-up of anonymous alert system


Senior Hannah Kosc previews the anonymous alert page through myCCS. Kosc said she has used the system before, and the guaranteed anonymity made the decision to report much easier.

Alanna Wu

School Resource Officers (SROs) at CHS plan to change the anonymous alert system so that alerts are no longer fully anonymous.

According to SRO Scott Moore, this is so that officers can reach students who may be in imminent danger at the time of the alert.

“Before, (we couldn’t) unless they left their information, which they do sometimes, but not very often. With this new system, if somebody’s life is in danger, or they’re threatening to harm themselves, we can contact that person back right away, get more details as needed,” Moore said.

Senior Hannah Kosc said she understands this decision, but disagrees as in the past the guaranteed anonymity of the anonymous alert system made her more comfortable filing alerts.

“I think this violates the confidentiality necessary in an anonymous alert system for necessary information to be presented by students, because now they know it can be traced back to them. I think a lot of people will not report now for fear of that,” Kosc said. By Alanna Wu.