Following conclusion of conferences Model U.N. merges beginner and advanced groups, searches for next year’s leaders

Sophia Hawkins

April 19, 2019

After the final Model United Nations conference in March, the club is now preparing for next year by merging the beginner and advanced committees and searching for student leaders to replace those who will graduate in May. Now that students have had almost a full year’s experience with the parliame...

Preparations underway for Model U.N. conference Feb. 22 to 24

Sophia Hawkins

February 27, 2019

On Feb. 22 to 24, delegates from CHS Model United Nations will attend a conference at IU. As the event approaches, students are preparing themselves by sharpening their skills. “As we get closer to competition, typically we try to deviate a little bit from our standard practice where we just do a...

Burning Out: Academically competitive environment affects CHS students’ ability to keep up with workload

Falling Asleep: Senior Hannah Kosc zones out during SRT. She said she often finds herself extremely tired after long nights staying up in an attempt to complete her homework.

Jessica Konrad

February 22, 2019

As the minute hand of the clock approaches 3:05 p.m., the tension in the classroom grows with each passing second. Antsy students squirm in their chairs, while others start crowding around the door in eager anticipation of the final bell. For many students, the bell signals the end of a long day of ...

Model U.N. to attend conference at IU on Feb. 22 to 24

Sophia Hawkins

February 3, 2019

Model United Nations delegates will be participating in a conference at Indiana University from Feb. 22 to 24. Students will take that Friday off school and travel by school bus to IU. “I’m really excited for it, most of the people in the club are," Hannah Kosc, Model U.N. president and senior...

Model U.N. delegates assigned committees for conference at IU

Sophia Hawkins

January 13, 2019

At the Model United Nations meeting last Thursday, student leaders gave out committee assignments for delegates participating in the conference at Indiana University on Feb. 22 to 24. These committees specify which topics delegates will discuss at the competition, and with whom, as well as which cou...

Model U.N. to attend conference in Nashville, Tenn. on Nov. 2

October 20, 2018

On Nov. 2, Model U.N. plans to take 24 students to Nashville, Tenn. to participate in a conference at Vanderbilt University. Students will travel to Nashville for the weekend, spend the night in a hotel, and participate in simulations both Saturday and Sunday. Model U.N. adviser Sandy Gardner said th...

School Resource Officers (SROs) to change set-up of anonymous alert system

 Senior Hannah Kosc previews the anonymous alert page through myCCS. Kosc said she has used the system before, and the guaranteed anonymity made the decision to report much easier.

Alanna Wu

October 11, 2018

School Resource Officers (SROs) at CHS plan to change the anonymous alert system so that alerts are no longer fully anonymous. According to SRO Scott Moore, this is so that officers can reach students who may be in imminent danger at the time of the alert. “Before, (we couldn’t) unless they left their informa...

Model U.N. has begun preparing for their first conference

September 23, 2018

Model U.N. has already begun practicing every Thursday after school for the Zionsville Model U.N. conference (ZMUN) which takes place on Sept. 29 at 9 a.m. They are learning the parliamentary procedures and discussion tactics used in conferences by running simulations. This particular conference is one that ...

Model U.N. to attend conference at Indiana University on Feb. 22, conference at Earlham College canceled

Sophia Hawkins

January 15, 2018

Model U.N. is now preparing to take students to a conference at Indiana University on Feb. 22. This conference is now one of only three in the wake of Earlham College’s decision to cancel the conference they once hosted every year, which CHS Model U.N. students regularly attended. Hannah Kosc, Model ...

Homework for the Holidays: As winter break starts Dec. 23, students of minority religions reflect on holidays, the school calendar

Homework for the Holidays: As winter break starts Dec. 23, students of minority religions reflect on holidays, the school calendar

Angela Li and Karen Zhang

December 14, 2017

Last year, Hannah Kosc, Jewish student and junior, said she was unable to take a day off of school for an important Jewish holiday: Yom Kippur. Instead of reflecting and taking time to spend with her community, as is the tradition on the holiest day of the year on the Jewish calendar, Kosc came to school...

One hundred and counting: With this school’s wide array of over 100 clubs, new groups continue to form

Members of the group Let's Talk continue their discussion on how to create a better environment at CHS for open discussion. Selin Oh, founder of the group Let’s Talk and junior, said she believes it is important to increase the conversation.

Emily Dexter, News Editor

September 21, 2017

Over the summer, in the cafe at the Carmel Clay Public Library (CCPL), Selin Oh, founder of the group Let’s Talk and junior, and her team members met with students from Linguistics Club and Di-Verse, a student group centering around K-Pop. They sat around a conglomeration of tables covered with white bu...