Model U.N. to attend conference in Nashville, Tenn. on Nov. 2

Sam Hawkins

On Nov. 2, Model U.N. plans to take 24 students to Nashville, Tenn. to participate in a conference at Vanderbilt University. Students will travel to Nashville for the weekend, spend the night in a hotel, and participate in simulations both Saturday and Sunday.

Model U.N. adviser Sandy Gardner said that the students will be chosen to go based on seniority and experience.

Model U.N. President Hannah Kosc said, “We’re considering doing a tryout type thing, but at the same time, it’s definitely going to be more based on how committed you are to the club, and your dedication to participating in Model U.N., rather than just are you going to win an award or not, because what’s really important to us is that people stay committed to the club and they put in the effort, not that we bring home as many trophies as possible.”

Gardner also said that to prepare, students are taking what they observed from their practice conference on Sept. 29, in Zionsville, and applying it to their after-school practice simulations. At the Zionsville conference, she said, there were Model U.N. students from Indiana University who gave participants notes during the conference, which the students are now using to improve their performances.

“It’s nice because they have that ability to observe the other kids, and to help them, and learn and grow, instead of it being just purely a competition weekend,” Kosc said of conferences like Zionsville. “It’s a nice blend of the relaxed vibe of our after-school practices and an actual conference. So it helps kids get into that competition mentality, while still feeling comfortable enough to learn and grow.”

Finally, Kosc said that interested students can still join the club at any point in the year. By Sam Hawkins