Model U.N. to attend conference at Indiana University on Feb. 22, conference at Earlham College canceled

Sam Hawkins

Model U.N. is now preparing to take students to a conference at Indiana University on Feb. 22. This conference is now one of only three in the wake of Earlham College’s decision to cancel the conference they once hosted every year, which CHS Model U.N. students regularly attended.

Hannah Kosc, Model U.N. president and senior,  said they decided not to go to their other annual conference at IUPUI because “it hasn’t been a great experience in years past.” While they looked for a replacement, there were none that seemed cost-efficient or conveniently timed enough. They will wrap up the year with a conference here at CHS in April.

“I would say that I definitely wish we could go to more things, but they are heavy undertakings. If we had, like, a conference every month, like a lot of clubs have monthly competitions, it would definitely be pretty strenuous, just because it is that whole weekend, and most of the time you miss a day of school, maybe even two,” Kosc said.

Model U.N. adviser Sandy Gardner said delegates are already being sorted into committees and are continuing to practice in simulations every Thursday, as well as working through packets sent by IU in order to be ready for February’s conference.

Over 50 students are already signed up to participate in the event. Unlike the case of the Vanderbilt conference, to which only 24 students could be taken, Gardner said preparations are being made for around 40 students to attend.

“It’s a good conference, too. It’s really competitive, it’s well-run, the topics are really well thought out, so it’s a really great conference to go to, anyway, so we’re trying to allow as many students as we can to that one.” By Sam Hawkins