Preparations underway for Model U.N. conference Feb. 22 to 24

Sam Hawkins

On Feb. 22 to 24, delegates from CHS Model United Nations will attend a conference at IU. As the event approaches, students are preparing themselves by sharpening their skills.

“As we get closer to competition, typically we try to deviate a little bit from our standard practice where we just do a mock committee and just go through that, and we try to move towards more pointed instruction, so that we can answer questions that kids might have who haven’t been to a conference before, or even just need brushing up,” Hannah Kosc, Model U.N. president and senior, said.

Additionally, Kosc said they will perform exercises designed to improve specific skills, such as preparing and giving 30-minute speeches to partners for feedback.

Model U.N. adviser Sandy Gardner said both the beginner and advanced groups are working together on a national convention simulation in which each student has been given the role of a state representative attempting to negotiate a balanced budget with the other states.

“It’s really nice because the beginners know the process, they know the Parliamentary procedure, but now they’re being placed in a room with kids who really know issues, and they’re older and they know how to speak, so they’re going to be able to bring that together,” Gardner said.