K-8 Mentors look forward to mentoring younger students


Michelle Hong

Fareeha Mouzan, K-8 Mentor and senior, works during SRT. The K-8 Mentors look forward to finally meeting their mentees after fall break.

Da-Hyun Hong

The K-8 Mentors will start driving out to the Carmel elementary and middle schools soon after fall break to begin building relationships with the students, according to K-8 Mentoring teacher Robin Pletcher.

“I feel like (students) benefit because they are giving back to the community. They are learning how their behavior reflects on others, learning how to have a positive influence on somebody’s life, and just to be a big friend to somebody,” Pletcher said.

Cameron Clark, first-year mentor and senior, said, “I’m looking forward to creating multiple relationships with the kids I get and hopefully carrying those on past this year.”

Fareeha Mouzan, another first-time mentor and senior, said she plans to use this experience as an opportunity to learn more about herself as well.

“I guess I really hope to kinda learn more about the things I do or the things I could work on, regarding communications and relationships and stuff,” she said. “I hope to form relationships with the kids I work with.”