Teens with a Choice plans educational talk, new fundraising methods


Sasha Matsuki, Teens with a Choice president and senior, browses on phone during SRT. Matsuki said she is excited to see the club members solidify fundraising plans this year.

Anushka Dasgupta

According to Sasha Matsuki, Teens with a Choice president and senior, Teens with a Choice has solidified plans to achieve two main goals for this year. The club, which usually meets on Gold Wednesdays, wants to focus on both fundraising and education.

Matsuki said, “Right now, we’re on the same trajectory that we were on last year. We’re going to focus on education and general knowledge. We want to branch out in terms of fundraising. There were a couple of ideas in terms of movie night or maybe doing the chocolate bars again but I don’t really know specifically. Maybe in the spring semester, possibly around prom time, we’ll do the sex education talk.”

Sponsor Chad Andrews said education is an important focus for the year, as member have already talked about hosting an information booth or carnival.

He said, “They’re planning on doing some sort of educational carnival. It sounds like they’re setting up some sort of information booth eventually, but in terms of date or specifics, that hasn’t been nailed down yet. That’s the big thing on the horizon right now.”

Andrews said another important aspect for this year is leadership and finding new leaders for coming years. He said, “This year a lot of the leadership is upperclassmen, so there’s a lot of bringing in and involving underclassmen as well. I’m excited to see how that happens.”

Matsuki said the club members have a lot they want to accomplish this year. She said, “We’re really trying to keep it steady, keep the momentum going from last year.”