Chemistry Club to plan and meet for upcoming events

Rohan Mahesh

As of now, the Chemistry Club is going through basic chemistry and lab work along with demonstrations to help many kids get on the right track. By doing this, chemistry club members are working up on their way to become a top tier chemistry olympiad partaker. The Carmel High School chemistry club is also in the American Chemical Society where they do not only show the importance for chemistry but also contribute back to the world about it. Club Sponsor Virginia Kundrat said, “It allows student members to study and learn about the various fields in the chemistry topic”.

This portion of the chemistry club is a more hands on and fun look at chemistry while also taking part in USNCO or the United States National Chemistry Olympiad, where students are involved in competitions, exams, and study camps. These two portions of the school chemistry club help members strive to be a better chemist and a better student.

Although the chemistry club focuses on these two subcategories, they also show demonstrations to better help young kids in elementary schools. Ultimately the students in this club want to help others and help themselves become a better individual for school and to do all they can to win a competition.