Chocolate cake to replace pumpkin pie for the holiday meal

Andrew Caito

This year’s Holiday meal, set to take place on Dec. 5, now has a menu change.  Chocolate cake will be replacing pumpkin pie as the dessert this year, but everything else, including the turkey and jello, will be staying the same. Freshman Owen Hershberger said, “I’m surprised that they are changing this. It’s always been pumpkin pie since kindergarten, and I have always loved that dessert. It will be very interesting trying the cake, as a change of the pie.”  The call came from the educational service department who wanted to try a chocolate cake instead of a pumpkin pie. So, chocolate cake may be coming again next year depending on how it goes.

Main Kitchen Manager Holly Huepenbecker-Hull said, “We have new menu changes coming next semester they are not finalized but we are going to try a new Cuban sandwich and a Spanish rice bowl.” They also have added an extra day for french toast and sausage day on the menu.

According to Huepenbecker-Hull, “Kellogg has changed packaging and removed artificial flavors from Pop Tarts, they should still taste the same but they might look a little different.” According to Huepenbecker, if you see different packaging from Kellogg products, they are going through a change in their business to make food items healthier for consumers. By Andrew Caito