The math department continues to implement courses for next year


Math department chair Jacinda Sohalski quietly works at her desk. In the next few weeks, she will be working with teachers to implement new courses.

Brian Zhang

The math department has confirmed its implementation of the new courses and is currently working with teachers for the next school year, according to math department chairperson Jacinda Sohalski. Sohalski said that the department is currently working on a block course that will merge AP Statistics and AP Capstone Seminar.

“Our teachers in AP Statistics have often found a lot of overlap with the AP Capstone [Seminar] course, and a lot of the students from AP Capstone [Seminar] use their knowledge in AP Statistics in their work,” Sohalski said. “So we decided to combine the courses and are offering one block for next year.”

Sohalski also said that, currently, the names of the new courses are still unknown. However, she said that one of the new IB courses will be more analytical, whereas the other would be more practical.

Joey Herons, Math Club president and junior, said he is optimistic for the upcoming school year. “I think the math department was very good last year, and I believe they will be better in this school year,” Herons said.