CRU Club to continue weekly meetings


Thomas Gastineau, Equip leader of CRU, leads a group in reading verses in the Bible. Equip, a meeting for more in depth bible studies, meet on late starts.

Marvin Fan

CRU Club has no big events coming up for the rest of the year, and are just continuing weekly meetings. According to Thomas Gastineau, Equip leader of CRU Club, the club will have meetings on Tuesday mornings in the freshman cafeteria at 7 a.m. During these meetings, students will either talk in small groups for bonding or a guest speaker will come and give a talk about Jesus.

For Bible studies in particular, students can attend a program called Equip on late starts. Jen Bubp, co-sponsor of CRU Club, said, “We would love to see more students come to Equip, and that’s open to anyone who’s interested.” By Marvin Fan