Intramurals playoffs scheduled for March 22

Intramurals teams play during their ninth night of games on March 11. The teams prepared for another night of games on March 12.

Uma Kandallu

March 22, 2019

With the season coming to an end, Intramurals will have its playoffs during SRT on March 22. It is open to all students and staff. Tickets cost $1 and all proceeds go to Riley Children’s Hospital. Intramurals’ ninth night of games was on March 11. The 10th night will occur on March 12. Intramural...

CRU Club to participate in fundraising banquet

Mason Crum, CRU Club student leader and junior, leads a group discussion at a CRU Club meeting. CRU meets every Monday morning.

February 28, 2019

According to Jen Bubp, sponsor of CRU Club, there will be a fundraising banquet at Bankers Life at the beginning of March. The exact date is undetermined. “It’s called their dessert vision night,” Bubp said, “If you go to this event you can sponsor a table and invite people, and then they p...

CRU Club to set themes for every month

Thomas Gastineau, student leader of CRU Club and senior, works quietly during SRT. Student leaders were assigned themes for each month.

Marvin Fan

February 13, 2019

With the second semester of CRU Club starting, there have been themes assigned for each month that CRU Club will focus on in each meeting on Tuesday mornings. According to Thomas Gastineau, student leader of CRU Club, every student leader was assigned a month. “For instance in January, Mason talked about anxiet...

CRU Club to attend Fastbreak over Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend

Thomas Gastineau, student leader of CRU Club and senior, works quietly on his laptop during SRT. Members of CRU Club will be attending Fastbreak, a leadership conference, over Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend.

January 21, 2019

Throughout the year, the CRU organization hosts a number of Fastbreaks, which is an three-day event that gives CRU members across the nation a time to get together and encourages fun, worship and leadership training. Jen Bubp, co-sponsor of CRU Club, said, “Several of our students are going to Fastbr...

CRU Club to continue weekly meetings

Thomas Gastineau, Equip leader of CRU, leads a group in reading verses in the Bible. Equip, a meeting for more in depth bible studies, meet on late starts.

Marvin Fan

December 1, 2018

CRU Club has no big events coming up for the rest of the year, and are just continuing weekly meetings. According to Thomas Gastineau, Equip leader of CRU Club, the club will have meetings on Tuesday mornings in the freshman cafeteria at 7 a.m. During these meetings, students will either talk in smal...

CRU Club finalizes barn party plans for Nov. 3

Thomas Gastineau, CRU Club student leader and senior, leads a group in reading verses in the Bible. CRU will host a barn party for all middle and high school students on Nov. 3.

Marvin Fan

November 1, 2018

Every year, CRU hosts a barn party for middle and high schoolers to attend to socialize and have fun. According to Thomas Gastineau, Equip leader of CRU Club, the barn party will be at the Koss family barn at 15411 Shelborne Road. The time will be from 6 to 8 p.m. for middle schoolers and 9 to 11 p.m. for...

CRU Club changing tradition

Thomas Gastineau, student leader and senior, leads a group in reading verses in the Bible. CRU Club sponsors decided to have club meetings more student run this year.

Marvin Fan

September 9, 2018

With CRU Club’s next meeting on Sept. 11, CRU Club is continuing their new way of how the club is run. The club meets at 7 a.m. and features different activities from the guest speakers last year. One of the main features of this year’s CRU Club is breaking into small groups during meetings. Mason Crum, ...

Men’s cross-country team prepares for Sectionals

Thomas Gastineau had earned a Top Dog position running in the Noblesville Sectionals when he was a freshman. He hopes the team wins State this year.

Sameen Siddiqui

October 6, 2017

The men’s cross-country team will be competing  at White River Elementary on Saturday for their Sectionals. According to head coach for the team, Colin Altevogt, although the team is in a competitive area in the state this year, it is not as competitive as it previously has been for the last two to th...

Men’s cross-country team prepares for MIC Championship

Sean Reimer is running in the Trinity Invitational with his fellow teammates. The Trinity Invitational was on September 16 and CHS won 1st place.

Sameen Siddiqui, Reporter

September 23, 2017

According to Head Coach Colin Altevogt of the men’s cross-country team, the team had a ten year winning streak up until last year for the Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference (MIC) championship. The team will be competing on Saturday at Ben Davis. Thomas Gastineau, varsity runner and junior, said,...

CHS ranked as a top 10 athletic program in the nation

Varsity quarterback and senior Jake McDonald looks for an open teammate against Center Grove High School. McDonald said diligent preparation before games is key to success.
Selena Liu | Photo

Sameen Siddiqui, Sports Reporter

September 21, 2017

Maxpreps, a source for high school sports, ranked CHS number 10 in the nation for best athletic programs and number one in Indiana. Student athletes said this ranking has created a different atmosphere while playing for CHS. Quarterback and senior Jake McDonald said, “People always kind of look at Carmel a...