CRU Club to participate in fundraising banquet


Mason Crum, CRU Club student leader and junior, leads a group discussion at a CRU Club meeting. CRU meets every Monday morning.

According to Jen Bubp, sponsor of CRU Club, there will be a fundraising banquet at Bankers Life at the beginning of March. The exact date is undetermined.

“It’s called their dessert vision night,” Bubp said, “If you go to this event you can sponsor a table and invite people, and then they provide free dessert and they have guest speakers but then at the end of the event they ask for donations.”

“It’s basically just a way to fundraise some money so we can purchase things for our meetings,” Thomas Gastineau, student leader of CRU Club and senior, said, “we have bagels every meeting but those are provided by donations from Panera, and we have some people on staff at CRU that come to our meetings that don’t get paid for the time that they’re with us.”

Bubp also encourages anyone interested in a deeper Bible study should come to CRU’s Equip meeting in H115 during late start Wednesdays. By Marvin Fan