CRU Club to set themes for every month


Thomas Gastineau, student leader of CRU Club and senior, works quietly during SRT. Student leaders were assigned themes for each month.

Marvin Fan

With the second semester of CRU Club starting, there have been themes assigned for each month that CRU Club will focus on in each meeting on Tuesday mornings.

According to Thomas Gastineau, student leader of CRU Club, every student leader was assigned a month.

“For instance in January, Mason talked about anxiety and depression at the meetings and how to deal with that,” Gastineau said, “and in March I have outreach and community service.”

Jen Bubp, sponsor of CRU Club, said, “In February we’re going to concentrate on relationships and being fully loved by God.”

According to Bubp, April’s theme will be the story of easter and May’s theme will be setting goals for personal growth over the summer. By: Marvin Fan