CHS to construct crosswalk at bottom of trail


Superintendent Michael Beresford participates in “No-Shave November”. Beresford hopes by not shaving he will be able to raise awareness for men’s mental health.

Misha Rekhter

With increased traffic issues and complaints about the intersection at the bottom of the trail, CHS has decided to make changes over the summer.

According to Superintendent Michael Beresford, the discussion was initially started by students voicing their concerns about the safety of the current intersection.

“There have been concerns about the intersection at the trail for a long time and many people have mentioned them to me. It’ll be good to get this issue resolved and hopefully make it safer for everyone,” Beresford said.

However, Beresford said plans to construct a crosswalk were already in the work before he became Superintendent.

“I can’t take credit for starting this initiative as it was already in the works before I was here, but I’m certainly on board with continuing those plans,” Beresford said.

According to student body president Tim Metken, fixing the traffic congestion at the bottom of the trail is very important.

“The current system for dealing with traffic and walking students is not the best and implementing a crosswalk should certainly help with student safety,” Metken said.

Additionally, the new two-way anonymous reporting tool, STOPit, was released today.

According to Beresford, the app empowers students to anonymously reports school safety issues and reach out for help if they or a peer are facing a personal crisis.

Furthermore, Beresford said there would be no changes to the delay announcement system or methodology from previous years.

“The past system of announcing delays with phone calls, text message alerts and twitter notifications works well and we are sticking with it,” said Beresford. By Misha Rekhter