Carmel Clay Public Library to Host Yule Ball


Jamie Beckman, young adult librarian at the Carmel Clay Public Library, works at the young adult section desk. Beckman and other library staff members will be working with the Teen Library Council to host the Yule Ball this Saturday.

Adam Spensley

The Carmel Clay Public Library and the Teen Library Council will be partnering together to host the Yule Ball. The ball will take place on this Saturday from 7 to 10 p.m. at the library. It will be a traditional dance with a Harry Potter-celebration twist.

Jamie Beckman, young adult librarian at the Carmel Clay Public Library, said the Yule Ball is a fun event that gives people the opportunity to be introduced to the Teen Library Council.

“(The Yule Ball) is just a fun event and it also introduces teens who don’t know about the Teen Library Council to the Teen Library Council so they can see some of the stuff the Teen Library Council does and also meet some members,” Beckman said.

Abby Carmichael, Teen Library Council president and senior, said she agrees.

“It is beneficial in the way that it brings people together and brings more people into the Teen Library Council,” Carmichael said.  By Adam Spensley